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    The Stumbling Block
    Every human being is a born entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship starts with a concept/idea.
    Some ideas are good and some are bad, but there are some that are exceptionally great.
    But most of them does not see the light of the day...Some of these could have changed the world for a better tomorrow,
    if it got off the ground.
    What is preventing the concept from taking wings ? What is the Stumbling Block?
    The answer is simple FUNDING !
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    Production House
    ‘Production House’ is a new business model of how Cycloides works with startup clients/entrepreneurs.
    At Production house we are seeking entrepreneurs to present great ideas to us.
    We want to support and foster new technologies and ideas that transform lives and businesses.
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    Entrepreneurs Welcome
    Having an idea alone is not good enough.
    You need to show the investors that you are serious and have the passion to follow your dreams and make it a success.
    The investors expects you to have a great idea that can redefine the domain,
    a strong business plan defining the path to success and last but not the least a prototype or MVP-Minimum Viable Product.

    This is where Production House can help you.


We invest in you in the form of product design and development.

Your Idea

  • You present the idea
  • We validate


  • Product Design
  • Product Engineering

Product Launch

  • Product Validation
  • User acquisition


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